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TrackMan 4 – The Simulator Powerhouse
21 July 2021

TrackMan 4 – The Simulator Powerhouse

There’s simply nothing else to match TrackMan 4’s simulator golf. It is a complete indoor coaching and simulator solution in one device.

The key to TrackMan 4’s pinpoint accuracy is its patented multi-sensor technology that synchronises an inbuilt camera with two bespoke designed ultra-sensitive radars.

The power and precision of TrackMan 4 is unrivalled.

  • No club markers required.
  • Ready to go in seconds.
  • Tough and portable.
  • Used daily by the world’s leading players and coaches.

TrackMan allows the golfer to capture, compare and improve swings with state-of-the-art video software.

The built-in camera helps to capture club data and ball flight detail with astounding precision – including the ball’s exact impact location on the club face.

Analyze and understand any swing or ball flight and get key information in real time.

It’s not like the game, it is the game.